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Rolling On – Great Games for Travel (Day 2)

There are so many games that you can play with a set of dice. For younger children you can use the dice to practice counting, addition, and subtraction. You can make and laminate game board where children will have to roll the die (or dice) and then move forward or backward a number of spaces depending on the directions provided. Some examples include Rolling for 50,Bunny Hop, and Cover Up.

Some games that will help your child learn multiplication skills include Run for It, Land Plot, Boston (Multiplication). Land plot is a great game for older children. You will need laminated graph paper and the markers discussed in the previous post. The child rolls two die and then uses those numbers to determine the area of their plot. They draw a box around their plot, color it in, and then in a different color they write their multiplication problem. The next player rolls the dice and does the same thing. The winner will be the individual who has filled in the most land.

Some games can even involve drawing or coloring along with practicing counting skills. Games like Mouse and Number Chicks are great examples. For Mouse, you draw one part of the mouse depending on the number you roll. The first one to draw the entire mouse wins. For Number Chicks, each time you roll, you color in the baby chicken with the corresponding number. The first one to color their whole page wins.


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