• Michael Giedzinska

Beyond Numbers

Dice don’t always have to be used for number and math games. Language-based games can also be played with dice. Some of these games use standard number dice to represent letters, where as others use dice that have letters, words, or pictures on them. You can buy word-based dice or you can even create your own dice cubes using paper. There are many websites that have samples already created that all you have to do is print them out and then fold and tape them together.

One word-based game that uses regular dice is called Make Words. Each letter in the alphabet is given a value based on the number of the die roll. You roll a single die 6 times. Each time you roll the die you select one letter available from the column that includes that number. Once you reach your 6 letters you then race the clock to build as many words as possible using that set of 6 letters. This can be equated to a modified version of Boggle.

Another word-based game where children can practice spelling, writing sentences, and adjective is called On a Roll. All of the materials are easily downloadable from this website to play the game. Children pick a sentence strip then roll the die to pick that envelope with that number. It contains adjectives that the student must fit into the sentence that they choose. They then write out their sentence and then illustrate their silly sentence.

There are so many ways that you can use dice on the go to encourage practice of learning math and language skills.


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